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Personal Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Ever wondered what would happened if you lost your tangible assets?  Then you need the protection of a homeowner’s policy. These policies will cover your home, apartment, vacation home or even personal contents if you are a renter. These policies are available at CR&I to replace any of your personal property that is destroyed in a fire or other covered loss.  This policy will also provide liability protection & be your first line of defense against a lawsuit from someone injured at your home.

The cost of this coverage is determined by many factors.  Location of the home, construction, loss control and the coverages needed to properly protect the home. The quality of the coverage, however, is determined by the quality of the insurer and at CR&I we have the markets available to fit the needs of the insured.

Automobile Insurance

Auto coverage has two parts. The first is the liability section of the policy. This coverage protects you in the event you injure someone in an auto accident or damage their property.

The second part covers the car itself: comprehensive coverage reimburses losses from fire, theft or other perils; collision coverage pays to repair your vehicle if the accident was caused when you were at fault.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best investment you can make to protect your family. The benefit from a life insurance policy is income tax-free. That means the beneficiary of your policy – your spouse, children, etc. – will not have to pay taxes on the benefit they receive.

Choosing the right type of life insurance policy involves several factors. Throughout your life, your situation will change. Your life insurance coverage should change, too. These are a few things to keep in mind when calculating how much coverage you need.

  • Life insurance is designed to replace the income your family loses when you die.

  • Consider things like mortgage payments, college savings and quality of life when you determine the impact of the loss of your income.

  • Also consider that the level of income you require now may not remain the same later in life. After your children graduate from college, for example, your financial situation may be significantly different without the burden of saving for college tuition.

The life insurance premium you pay, no matter how long you live before the benefit is realized, will never equal the amount of that benefit. That is, you will always pay less in premium than your family will gain in benefit from your investment.

Personal Umbrella

Often reffered to as one of the most important policies we offer at CR&I, an umbrella policy covers any additional liability you potentially could be held liable for in a court of law.  The policy is so important because coverage comes into effect after the underlying liability on other policies has expired.

Personal Articles Insurance

Your possessions are some of the most near and dear things to you.  Some homeowners policies offer limited coverage for personal articles such as jewelry, fine arts, and cameras.  Contact an agent for a complete list of items you should consider scheduling under a personal articles policy.

Watercraft Insurance

From Lake Wedowee to Lake Lanier, personal watercrafts such as jet skis, ski boats, bass boats and wave runners are often our customer’s first step into the boating fun. Personal watercraft enhances the experience for water lovers of all ages; however, owners should be mindful of the liability exposure they present.  Whether you are a first time boater or experienced captain, it is important that you have proper coverage for these vessels. CR&I has specific policies designed for your personal watercraft and because of our expertise in this area we also have the ability to provide commercial marine insurance for companies that rent personal watercraft.

Commercial Insurance

Property Insurance

Commercial Property insurance protects your business against the loss of your company’s property. You would probably be surprised how low the rate can be on a commercial property and the contents inside, whether a frame, masonry, or fire resistive building.  Other types of property include: buildings, lost income or business interruption, computers, lap tops, money, and valuable papers.

General Liability Insurance

Coming up with the appropriate type and amount of insurance coverage for your company can be a balancing act. A commercial insurance agent with the right knowledge and experience in your industry can help you identify risk exposure and suggest strategies to mitigate your risk, whether it is through loss control techniques, insurance or other risk management alternatives.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation provides coverage for employers in the event an employee is injured on the job.  By Georgia law, most businesses are required to carry this policy to provide their employees with coverage for medical bills as a result of an on the job injury.

Commercial Automobile

For the most part, a commercial auto policy is required for business that use vehicles for everyday operation.  There are certain policies that can fill the gaps in coverage from a personal automobile policy.   Contact any professional at CR&I to see if your business has the need for a commercial auto policy.

Commercial Umbrella

Umbrella insurance is liability insurance policy that protects the assets and future income of the policyholder above and beyond the regular on their primary policies. It is distinguished from excess insurance in that excess coverage goes into effect only when all underlying policies are totally exhausted, while umbrella is able to “drop down” to fill some coverage gaps in underlying policies.

Inland Marine

Inland Marine coverage is used to cover equipment and other items. Think of “inland marine” as a fancy term for personal articles.  The items scheduled in the inland marine portion of the policy provide coverage any where in the world.  A prime example is the contractor who moves his equipment from job site to hob site and often leaves equipment over night.

Professional Liability Insurance

CR&I offers professional liability Insurance, also referred to as Errors and Omissions insurance.  Any licensed professionals as doctors (often referred to as medical malpractice), dentists, real estate brokers, attorneys, or basically any one that is licensed to give professional advice.   The insurance is to protect you and your company in the event a customer alleges they have suffered a financial loss as a result of an error or an omission committed by your professional services. Professional liability coverage is excluded in a General Liability (GL).

Surety and Fidelity Bonds

We are contracted with the nation’s top rated surety companies to offer Contract Payment and performance bonds, code compliance bonds, and professional service bonds.

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