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In 1913 People's Bank, located on the square in Carrollton, Georgia started a real estate agency and insurance agency to help support their local bank and community. Years later, the Glass-Steagall Act was passed into law and banks were no longer allowed to sell insurance. Horace Cole, a successful businessman at the time, purchased Carroll Realty and Insurance. In 1956, Horace's nephew, Woodfin Cole, bought the company and expanded the agency. He was a successful entrepreneur and noble leader in the community. In the 1980's, two of Woodfin's children, Eddie Cole and Woody Cole, along with Jim Russell and Larry Deese purchased the agency.  For many decades, their partnership successfully grew distribution and they also expanded into various products and Insurance carriers. Today, CR&I, is run by a fourth generation Cole and three other partners. Hardworking and motivated, they are determined to continue a strong legacy and also implement further growth, all while maintaining the highest quality of customer loyalty & integrity. 


CR&I is a full service independent Insurance agency offering Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, and Life Insurance. We are committed to helping you identify your needs and implementing a plan to mitigate future losses. Our goal is to offer competitive pricing, achieve long-term relationships, and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. 



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